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We have all heard that we can’t out train a bad diet, and this is true. Eat real food: meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. What you eat dictates your hormones and how your body functions and your results.


Enhance your results and your well being by focusing on your recovery. Sleeping

7-9 hours per night, active recovery and mobilizing will set you up for success and enable you to give your best during your training sessions.


Consistently training by combining constantly varied, functional movements at relatively high intensity with an emphasis on form and technique.


Build, sustain, & grow deep relationships.  Although we are all on our own journey our experience is enhanced if we share it with like-minded people. Help someone pack away their weights, ask how they are doing and cheer others on. Smile. Be friendly. Be kind. 


The power of positive thinking is real and the way you think about things matters. Assess what is in your control, have a positive mindset and make sure that your thoughts are in line with who you want to be. 


Our 6th Element and the one that brings it all together is Kaizen. Small, ongoing positive changes lead to noticeable and sustainable results. Think 1 % better every day and see what you can achieve over a few months or even years.