Blake Joubert

6th Element CrossFit is an absolutely incredible training facility. Their excellent coaches, who are both passionate and deeply knowledgeable, care about their members and often go the extra mile to provide support. The atmosphere is unlike anything I've experienced, everybody is welcomed with open arms and treated like family without reservation or hesitation. Through a love of what they do, the coaches have succeeded in building a culture that transcends their members' shared love of fitness, it has evolved into a phenomenal support structure, which is a testament to the community itself. Whether you are an elite athlete or haven't exercised in years, 6th Element CrossFit is a safe place where you can switch off and spend time bettering yourself, surrounded by like-minded individuals who care about your journey as much as theirs. To its members, the time spent in the gym is often their highlight of the day, and is an invaluable part of their everyday lives.

Carmen le Roux

Joining 6th Element CrossFit was easily the most nerve wracking, intimidating but rewarding health decision I've ever made. CrossFit will humble you, but you will surprise yourself. 6th Element is a place with like minded individuals who are respectful, energetic and helpful. As a distance runner, I’ve not only realised a spike in my endurance, but also increased mental toughness improving my overall running performance. Waking up in the morning is hard, but I know that when I get to C6E, I'll be greeted by friendly faces and great coaches that push me beyond what I think I could do. It is here you’ll find everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Tamsin Lessing

I joined 6th Element CrossFit in January 2017. I loved any sport at school but life with 3 children got busy and I neglected being fit.  Until one day while playing cricket on the grass with my kids and I couldn’t keep up with them I decided I needed to do something. Riaan, my husband had been doing CrossFit for about 2 years and that is how I ended up at C6E. From the moment I walked in the doors, I felt welcome and part of the team/family. Snatches, cleans, double unders were all words that I didn’t know, but soon became familiar with. With a busy schedule I needed to fit in intense workouts in short amounts of time, and this is what I got from CrossFit, full body workouts that didn’t take hours. 


CrossFit is not just for the young, strong or fit.  Crossfit is for anybody! You determine how heavy or how hard you want to train, its you against yourself! I am stronger and fitter than what I have ever been. I have seen changes in my body that I never thought was possible at the age of 39. I am inspired daily by the people in the box, and love being around people with the same goals as me, to be fit and healthy. Being fit and healthy is a choice, anybody can make that choice!

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